BomberList shows the best strikers of Hattrick Scorer users.
For each registered user, the best scorer is showed for each type of competition. Only one player is part of this list (1 for every team in every competition played), so that everyone can take part without any advantage.
Entering BomberList is really easy: you have to log in to your Hattrick Scorer account.

Warning: The chart shows the player's goals and appearances exclusively with your team, and not globally in his career. If multiple players have scored the same number of goals, the second order rule is their appearances (realization average).
Something wrong in goals calculation? Please click here!
I found a bug in Hattrick, confirmed by Game Masters that are also working on it.
It consist in wrong calculation of goals reported in the player page when the player played and scored for other teams in the past and all them now are BOTS. This problem primarily involves players that are still "alive" and aged 35-40+.
For these players the stats reported by Hattrick Scorer are more reliable then Hattrick!
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